Release: March 2020


Music: Klaus Biedermann, Peter Ballweg

Lyrics: Klaus Biedermann, Margarita Gavrielova

Publisher: K.B. Publishing


Producer: Klaus Biedermann

Keyboards & Programming: Klaus Biedermann, Peter Ballweg

Backing Vocals: Ingrid Diem, Margarita Gavrielova, Klaus Biedermann

Cover Photo: Inge Prader

Artwork: Jason Maddox

Management: Heimo Turin


You are the sun, my glowing halo

and you keep touching me all night

with your love, it makes me feel so good

I have a dream, my head is spinning

come to me, don’t leave me lonely

just tell me, what I will have to do

I am the one to walk this way

we’re growing stronger every day

as soon as you’re mine

we will have a good time

one and one makes two

I don’t know if I should be leavin'

ain’t we all, looking for loving

let’s find a way, how I can get to you

I got what you need, you have to trust me

it feels so right cause I know you need me

give me a chance, what are you waiting for

feat. RITA

Release: April 2020


Music: Norbert Reichart

Lyrics: Norbert Reichart

Publisher: EAMS


Producer: Klaus Biedermann

Keyboards & Programming: Klaus Biedermann

Vocals: Margarita Gavrielova, Klaus Biedermann

Cover Photo: Moni Fellner 

Management: Margarita Gavrielova


The dolphins
The sea
The love

Feeling waterfalls
Come down on me
Love is the wave
So deep and free

It's a waterfall
Your love to me
Back to this world
Deep like the sea